Jose Fever – Jose Jose


A few weeks ago, Jose Fever blessed me. He hooked me up with a nice care package full of Jose Jose stickers and the first edition of his zine.

Now if you don’t know who Jose Jose is, let me tell you. As a matter of fact, ask a Latin woman that’s over 30 years old about him, they’ll most likely tell you something about him.

He is a famous Mexican singer, who is known for his ballads. Growing up, I heard his music, but I honestly couldn’t distinguish a song of his but I do know who he is.

I first heard of Jose Fever back in 2010, when I went to the Sticky Ricky’s Peel Here event. If you were one of the first fifty or a hundred guests, you’d received a swag bag, filled with stickers and a t-shirt from Jose Fever. The t-shirt was dope. And I’ve been wearing it ever since (see above).

He included the first edition of his zine, which is entirely in Spanish. Of course, I had to read it! The zine is on his Instagram. Starting with this post. From there, backtrack to the most recent.

The zine is cool. It includes interesting facts and stats about Jose Jose. For one, he’s been called “El Principe de la Canción” aka “The Prince of Song.” He received a golden disc plaque in 1970 when he travelled to Los Angeles. And the most interesting fact to me was—I don’t know the truth behind it—that Jose Jose was the first Latino artist to shoot a music video for his songs. How cool is that?

Included are lyrics from some of his most popular songs including La Nave Del Olvido and Como Fue. Also included were interviews with local Los Angeles eateries talking about Jose Jose’s music.

Interviews from the vault from other artists praising Jose Jose were included too. Ana Barbara, Nelson Ned, Angelica Maria and Raul Velasco have praised Jose Jose. Both Barbara and Ned called him the best. Barbara called him the best voice of all time, while Ned said he was the best singer in Mexico and the rest of the Latin America.


IMG_3556 josezinecover

(Photo credit of zine cover: Jose Fever’s Instagram)


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