DJ Whoo Kid – G-Unit Radio Part 11


DJ Whoo Kid And Tony Yayo – G-Unit Radio Part 11: Raw-N-Uncut

This mixtape was okay. It had more skippable tracks but it did have some ill tracks on here.

This mixtape was a prelude to Yayo’s soon-to-be-released debut album, “Thoughts of A Predicate Felon.” He gave us a preview of his album by including some of songs of it.

It had “[So] Seductive” which was the lead single off his album, and it had the gun toting “Live By The Gun.”

It did have some dope shit.

These dope tracks included “I Run NY,” “NYC Is Where I’m From,” and one of my favorite G-Unit tracks, “G-Unit The Gang.”

“I Run NY” is fucking hard, and features 50 Cent. Here, 50 pretty much proclaims himself the King of New York since he basically runs the city, and includes direct disses to Ja Rule, D-Block and Fat Joe. The latter two for joining Ja on his “New York” record.

“NYC Is Where I’m From” jacks Jay Z’s “Where I’m From” beat. Although Lloyd Banks delivers a good verse, it’s Yayo’s verse that stands out. He flips the names of the thirty teams in the NBA, and uses them as punchlines.

For example, he raps, “Yo I’m rollin’ Phillies up with the 76ers, and got my Heat in Miami on the beach with my niggas, and them hoes from Atlanta is hawking, ‘cause they see them Denver Nuggets on my neck while my ass is walkin’.”

Yayo had some clever wordplay.

“G-Unit The Gang” is fucking dope. It’s the quintessential G-Unit track, 50, Banks, Yayo and Buck came with it on each one’s verse. I really enjoyed 50’s and Banks’ verses.

Also, the beat sounds very Latin-inspired. The guitar riff reminds me of something I would hear in Latin music. I fucking love that riff.

Both “Gun Jam” and “It’s My Time” were cool.

“They Call It Murder” takes the beat from Damian Marley’s epic “Welcome To Jamrock” to diss D-Block. Yayo announces it from the start, “Fuck D-Block.” Plus, he calls Fat Joe a wanksta. The whole song has Yayo reminding us that’s he’s put in work, and isn’t afraid to let a clip off for his crew.

Some notes from this mixtape were: Mike Epps is on hosting duty. Plus, Eminem makes several appearances but nothing quite like the drop he leaves on “NYC Is Where I’m From.”

Em calls Whoo Kid “the biggest bootlegger on the planet,” saying he “will bootleg everything and anything,” comical, pure comedy from Em.

Yayo borrowed—or should I say, “jacked”—a couple more beats. He grabbed Beanie Sigel’s “Feel It In The Air,” for a freestyle of the same name. He used Cassidy’s “I’m A Hustla” for “I’m A Hustler,” and “Trillville’s “Some Cut” for “Trillville,” creating an amusing hook in the process.

Also, he grabbed Cam’ron’s dope Kanye West-produced “Down and Out” for “Get Toughed In The Hood.” I’ve heard some many people rapped over this beat but no one does it justice like the original. One line Yayo said caught my ear, “Been jail before, ain’t learn shit from it,” which if you think about it, is true. Most felons end up right back in the system.

Overall, after hearing that energetic verse from Yayo on the previous G-Unit Radio, I expect some more dope music. We got some but more would’ve been nice.


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