Tumblr Posts of the Week: Week 3

Here’s week three.

A nice rendition of the album covers from Kanye West’s discography.


A series of photos starring toy Batman.


Acts of kindness


Photographer Sascha Nau takes photographs of abandoned buildings in Germany. – http://devidsketchbook.com/post/85559244770/awaiting-by-sascha-nau-germany-leipzig-based (first photo)

Beautiful photos of India – http://amel-amoula-95.tumblr.com/post/85822432953

Movie reunions – http://jennception.tumblr.com/post/59805038129/2013-movie-cast-reunions-matilda-july-2013

The post’s commentary says it all, “very clear water.” – http://stunningpicture.tumblr.com/post/86948011642/very-clear-water

Chuckie Finster discovers real monsters.- http://unshaped.tumblr.com/post/71683641592

Dubai, as seen from above. – http://alwysdrunk.tumblr.com/post/87266281786/pokec0re-dubai

Sting does not give a fuck. – http://youngassoul.tumblr.com/post/88306953887


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