Revenge of the Great Showdowns Art Show


I headed over to Gallery 1988 and checked out their current exhibit. At the moment, this interesting art show from the mind of Scott C was on display. Scott C. used watercolor to paint on these tiny canvases. They were as small as a person’s hand.

The show related to the pop culture world and the artwork worked around the theme of a “showdown.” It wasn’t necessarily a protagonist versus antagonist or hero versus villain but it also included memorable pairings. These pairings were inspired from the music, television and movie worlds as well as iconic images and events.

Some of the pairings included Vincent and Mia from Pulp Fiction; Marty McFly and Marvin Berry and The Starlighters from Back to the Future; and Jeremy Renner’s character from The Hurt Locker versus an IED, among others.

Below are a few photos. Click the link for a few extras photos from my Tumblr. And check out the rest of the art online at Gallery 1988’s site.

IMG_4032 IMG_4030 IMG_4022


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