What Ever Happened To: POW! Magazine


Back in 2007, DJ Whoo Kid attempted to start his own hip-hop magazine.

It failed. I think the premiere issue was the only issue released before it just disappeared. I don’t think a statement was ever made about the magazine’s status, it was here one day, gone the next.

I discovered the magazine by looking at the back cover of the “G-Unit Radio Part 24” mixtape. The back had the magazine’s cover on it and below that, it said to e-mail a specific address for a complimentary subscription. The opportunist that I am, I sent a short e-mail and—I forgot how long after—received the first issue. I never received a second issue. I don’t know if there was a second issue.

The magazine’s premise was pop culture, more like hip-hop meets Hollywood with a touch of sports too. The entertainment and music worlds would be heavily featured in the magazine with actresses, comedians, sports stars and rappers being included. Interviews with Lloyd Banks, Floyd Mayweather Jr., Chamillionaire, Samuel L. Jackson, Katt Williams, Meagan Good, Jon Lovitz, and Aries Spears, among others would appear.

Along with the interviews, the magazine did reviews on the latest albums, mixtapes, DVDs, street DVDs (Blow, Smack, The Come Up, Cocaine City etc.), tech and video games.

Also, the backpage was one of the magazine’s highlights. It took the look of the typical gossip magazine’s layout. It copied the format of using a big font and a witty headline to describe a photograph. These headlines were clever and funny, touching on the, at-the-time, beef between 50 Cent and Cam’ron. Props for the backpage.

Below are some photos of the magazine debut issue’s content. Check out that advertisement from the now-defunct Koch Records, now eOne Music. It was true, it wasn’t a major label but the money was good.


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