An Ode to Alchemist: Chemistry 112


After a short break, the series is back. Here is the latest entry in the Chemistry series.

50 Cent – The Mechanic (2008)

This shit is hard.

Alchemist sampled the legendary B.B. King. He took a funky section of “Chains and Things” that features a dope guitar part intertwined with some strings, and made it the basis of the production. He added some thunderous drums and it suddenly became hard as fuck, like a felon, serving ten to fifteen years in the penitentiary. It’s that tough!

The Alchemist – When You’re Dying feat. 40 Glocc and Prodigy (2006)

This is very smooth, dope too. When I first heard this, I immediately thought of 50 Cent’s “What If.” Both used the same sample but Alchemist’s version is slower than Nick Speed’s, who produced 50’s version.

The sample is from Bobby Womack’s “Woman’s Gotta Have It.” The guitar Alchemist sample is a simple guitar riff that is catchy. Plus, it’s a dope riff. Alchemist slowed the sample down, added some drums and created this tough, hard beat.

Jadakiss – Still Feel Me (2004)

Another smooth but dope one from Alchemist.

At the beginning of the beat, he sampled The Dramatics’ “In The Rain” and created a fading outer space like sound like something straight from The Jetsons. That wind chimes sound is what aggravates me to the beat. It’s easy to distinguish, memorable, in fact. This is the type of beat that you can lay back and listen to as you partake in one of Alchemist’s favorite activities.

Mobb Deep – Get It Forever feat. Nas (2011)

Yo! This shit is both frightening and smooth. It starts and ends with vocals from The Ballads’ “God Bless Our Love” sample.

Meanwhile, that frightening sound comes from the other sample, Jerry Goldsmith’s “Rickard Escapes.” The sample has a ridiculous, minimalistic, and scary keyboard. The keys are almost screeching. Alchemist took that and ran with it. This time, he slowed the sample down, and emphasizing on that eeriness feeling the sample gives off. Shit’s tough!

The Alchemist – Smile feat. Twista and Maxwell (2009)         

Another banging beat from Alchemist. He sampled Smoked Sugar’s “Keeping up My Front.” He took the opening number from Smoked Sugar’s soulful song that includes another eerie keyboard. Plus, he grabbed the opening vocals of the sample and strategically placed it at the beginning of the beat.

The sample is an example of that beautiful soulful music from 1970s. Alchemist took that sound, sped the tempo up and added some roaring drums, which I think are infectious, and this dope piece of art was born.

(Photo Credit: Jason Goldwatch’s Instagram)


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