SummerSlam 2014


Ah, the summer classic from the WWE and the third biggest event from the company—right behind WrestleMania and Royal Rumble. This year’s card looks promising. On paper, it looks like it can deliver a great show.

Last year’s event was memorable because Daniel Bryan won the WWE Championship but almost immediately lost it to Randy Orton. That would start Bryan’s long path to eventually capturing the championship at WrestleMania XXX.

The weakest match is—not counting the divas matches—Jack Swagger versus Rusev. I say this because the result is going to go Rusev’s way. They’ve been feeding him wrestlers left and right since his debut. I can’t see him losing here. The WWE likes to build these monster-like wrestlers to become unstoppable and unbeatable until they met their poster boy.

As for the rest of the card, I hope they let Brock Lesnar win. I don’t care if he is part-time wrestler. They need to get the belt off John Cena. Something fresh is needed even if it’s a dude that only shows up ten times a year.

Plus, I hope they let Randy Orton go over Roman Reigns but that seems like a longshot as they are building Reigns as the next big superstar. RKO looked strong on Monday, pulling off a dope RKO and delivering his epic pose afterwards.

Both The Miz versus Dolph Ziggler and Bray Wyatt versus Chris Jericho should be interesting and good matches. In the former, I have no idea who might win. I’ll like to think they’ll let Miz stay champion for a few months since he just won the Intercontinental Championship at the previous event.

As for the latter, I really like Wyatt so I hope he wins and they continue making him look strong. I love Jericho but Wyatt is near main event ready, this might be his step towards that path.

The divas matches are interesting, for once. The buildup to Stephanie McMahon versus Brie Bella has been insane. They’ve been getting the main event time slot on Raw. The crowds and fans have been eating this feud up, reacting positively it. I have a feeling a curveball will be thrown at us that sees continuation of the feud. The other divas match is being overlooked even though it’s for the belt. Both divas are above average wrestlers and should entertain for the short amount of time they’ll be allotted.

The match I’m most intrigued about is Dean Ambrose versus Seth Rollins. I liked The Shield stable and was upset when it got dismantled but fortunately this feud rose from it. They are great wrestlers and interesting characters. The winners here will be the fans, i.e. me.

So in honor of this weekend’s SummerSlam event, I decided to re-watch two random SummerSlams. I went to a random number generator and out came the SummerSlams from 2001 and 2005.

I decided to watch chronologically.

The SummerSlam from 2001 was in an interesting predicament. It was in the middle of Invasion angle, where ECW and WCW invaded the WWE, and they were duking it out for sole supremacy. ECW and WCW, known as The Alliance against the WWE, WWF at the time.

This pay-per-view was good, top to bottom. The card was entertaining especially RVD versus Jeff Hardy and the thriller between Stone Cold Steve Austin and Kurt Angle.

The RVD and Hardy match was a ladder match for the Hardcore Championship. If you add a ladder, and the hardcore stipulation to the equation with two aerial wrestlers, you get a match with some great spots including one where Hardy is dangling from the championship that’s up high. As Hardy dangled, RVD attempted and failed to kick him when he launched himself from a turnbuckle.

Austin versus Angle had plenty of near falls and an Austin who strategically tested the referee’s limit by pushing the boundaries. The outcome was brilliant especially the way Austin was acting throughout the match.

SummerSlam 2005 was okay.

Eddie Guerrero and Rey Mysterio stole the show with their ladder match. The match was based around the custody of Rey’s son Dominick. The winner of the match would be his “dad.” That’s a fucked up story line from the WWE but it delivered a great match.

The match was full of spots including many with the ladder but there were also a few botched spots, two that made me cringe. It had plenty of “oh shit” and “damn” moments that kept the crowd on the edge of their seat.

The chemistry and trust between them is visible as they pulled off some tricky spots for our entertainment. Simply put, this match is amazing. My words don’t do it justice.

Unfortunately, about three months later, Eddie’s died. Rest in peace Latino Heat.


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