An Art Exhibit Inspired by the Motion Picture, Mall


I walked into the Known Gallery to this surprise exhibit. I’d been to the Known Gallery before, for street art show, but this one was different. This exhibit was centered on the upcoming movie, Mall. And it had some street artists too.

The artwork was good. Different artists contributed to the exhibit including DABSMYLA, Cynik and Sever.

Sever based his piece on a comparison. He compared the Jewish and Muslim people to cans of Coca-Cola and Pepsi. The writing on the cans was changed from English to Hebrew and Arabic. The Coke can had Hebrew on it, while the Pepsi can was Arabic.

Although different, the similarities are there. Both drinks are colas and have a similar taste. The Jewish and Muslim people are similar except for their religious stance. They both have wonderful traditions. They also, like every one human, bleed the same thing. No matter some differences e are all the same: humans.

I thought it was brilliant.

Below are a few photos from the art show. Click the links for more.

IMG_4402 IMG_4415 IMG_4417


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