Rime, Persue, DABSMYLA – Touchy Subjects


Last month, I was on the The Seventh Letter’s website and noticed that an incredible, not-to-be-missed show was on the horizon. They managed to get a dope line-up for their upcoming exhibit at their store on Fairfax. The line-up consisted of Rime, Persue and DABSMYLA.

I should’ve put two and two together last time I was there.

I missed the opening but managed to go the following week.

The art was dope.

I got there and headed to the back room to find a fully constructed small house by DABSMYLA. The little house was furnished with a chair, a chimney and other things. I felt it and it wasn’t cardboard. I want to say wood.

The backroom was filled with DABSMYLA’s famous artwork consisting of personifying inanimate objects and animals.

In the main room, Persue and Rime were displayed.

I really liked Rime’s art, especially where he used different shades of a color. The ones with the fat woman were more on the comical side but still creative.

Persue’s art was sick! The Bunny Kitty squares (the two red and two blue) are cool. I really liked them.

His other artwork was all over the place, things everywhere but they blended well together. In one, he had an electric guitar, a cartoon female, skulls, a luchador-or-bondage-like mask, a scary face, an space animal, and this popsicle.

A Rocket Pop. Or something similar to it.

So random yet it felt okay. Other pieces like “FTP,” “Persue Brain” and “Day” were dope too.

Here are a few photos of the artwork. For more photos, click the links below.





IMG_4337 IMG_4379 IMG_4394


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