Why “Rookies of the Future” is Brilliant

rookies bluejays

“Rookies of the Future” is a track by Riff Raff featuring Action Bronson, and produced by The Alchemist.

You know, that guy from Beverly Hills who is one of the greatest behind the production boards.

Whether you call it “Rookies” or “Blue Jays,” this song is something else.

At first I had a what-the-fuck moment. ALC and Bronson joining Riff Raff, who some say is a joke. But then I realized, maybe Bronson will have a dope verse/line. Or Alchemist provides some heat. Although, I thought this would be wack, I noticed it was three unique persons on a track. You have Bronson’s larger-than-life personality, there’s Riff Raff’s unique personality and character(?), as well as Alchemist who’s a funny and sarcastic person.

I had to give the song a chance, which I did. I’m glad I did because the combination of these three is great. The chemistry goes beyond the music. I’m sure they are friends outside of rap.

Alchemist and Bronson developed a friendship, with the latter crashing at Alchemist’s studio when in L.A. Alchemist is a fan of Riff Raff. Through that, I believe, Bronson and Riff Raff connected. Plus, all three have a great sense of humor. The bullshit and jokes these three tell one another make you wish there was a reality show about them.

Now, back to the song.

When I first heard about the song, I didn’t know what to expect. Speaking truthfully, I thought Riff Raff would ruin it. I know what Alchemist and Action are capable of, both solo-wise and collaborative, so throwing Riff Riff into the picture was a huge risk. He isn’t the greatest lyricist, plus his “image” makes you shy away from his music.

But I’m happy I went ahead and listen to it.

It was a banger. I must’ve played the song a dozen times. I play it consecutively for at least thirty minutes.

After hearing this song, I checked out an interview of Riff Raff with the great Nardwuar, and became a fan of his. He seems like a cool, funny dude.

The beat is dope. Point. Blank.

It’s smooth, but also banging. It’s a bit funky but grimy too. The drums are hard. The guitar riffs feel psychedelic. When I hear the song, I imagine looking into a kaleidoscope with shifting shapes and vibrant colors.

Riff Raff’s hook is simple, and surprisingly dope. It’s easy to recite, and captivating, it’s catchy! The soft, smooth playa’ voice from Riff Raff makes the hook.

The hook is relatable to every day life: working hard toward a better life. Who doesn’t want to stash some money away for the future? Is Riff advising, via this hook, to open a savings account? Doubt it. He’s saying don’t blow all your money, save some of it.

His verse isn’t bad either. Although it isn’t anything lyrically special, the bragging and wildness of it is what I fuck with it: Riff Raff’s velour shit clashing with his fluorescent outfit; training a Doberman to tie his du-rag; proclaiming himself the rap game’s Eric Clapton, etc. It seems odd and random but it’s alright.

Bronson! He dropped off a cool guest verse. His flow is on point. When he finishes a line with “slow motion,” I immediately think of Juvenile’s hit single. Random, I know. Plus, I like how the beat stops when he yells “wait.” It’s the simple things. Also, I can’t help but join Bronson in reciting Gary Sheffield’s name, emphasis on the “field.”

I only wish Alchemist had a verse.

Its brilliant because it’s an odd collaboration at first. Who would’ve picture this collaboration coming to existence three, four years ago? I didn’t.

What makes this song so dope is that you didn’t expect it to be as dope. I thought Riff Raff would ruin the chemistry, no pun intended, Alchemist and Bronson built through their collaborative mixtape, Rare Chandeliers, and their many, other studio sessions but he didn’t, he added his flavor—cliché—to it. If anything, Riff Raff’s contribution stands out among the rest.

Although skeptical at first, I’m glad I decided to give the song a listen.

Now if only I could do that to other songs…


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