An Ode to Alchemist: Chemistry 113


Hi there. Bless Alchemist.

The Alchemist – Mr. Pitiful 2010 (2008)

Alchemist sampled the dope and funky “Prowler” from Brian Bennett. The beat is a bit of an oxymoron. Although it’s funky and smooth, it’s gritty at the same time.

He also sampled brief vocals from Average White Band’s “Person to Person.” He made the vocal screams sound like grunts throughout the beat.

The Alchemist – ALC Theme feat. Kool G Rap (2009)

This shit is hard. You can’t keep yourself from bobbing your head to the beat. The drums and kick are tough, especially the latter. That keyboard synth is ill! It has a menacing vibe to it but it’s awesome.

Near the end, he sampled from the A Clockwork Orange soundtrack, grabbing a string section from the “Title Music From A Clockwork Orange” track, and making the beat a bit harder and scarier.

The Alchemist – Reppin’ ALC (2006)

This goes…hard! Pure raw cocaine from Alchemist.

The drums are banging and insane. I liked how its emphasized a bit more, making it seem louder and making it stand out. And that guitar riff, damn. That’s a thing of funky beauty. The beat is a perfect mixture of grimy, gritty, tough, street sounds Alchemist discovered while in New York City but with a touch of that West coast lifestyle he grew up with and currently lives.

The Alchemist – Different Worlds feat. Twin (2004)

This shit is hard too. I love how Al slashed up a keyboard(?), creating an eerie-like sound. It’s frightening.

The opening sounds very cinematic with those hard, loud drum sounds. The beat’s drums were cool, they’re sort-of in the background behind the aforementioned keyboard(?). The clap is what I’m fucking with. That wind chime sound is a nice addition. I didn’t expect to hear that.

The Alchemist – Take A Look Back (2009)

Alchemist sampled an instrumental section in Modry Efekt’s “Vysoka Stolicka Dlhy Popol” for the opening, just before the beat drops.

I get a cool, relaxing vibe from this but it’s still hard as fuck. Everything is intertwined beautifully. The strings flow gorgeously back and forth resembling a playground’s seesaw. It’s therapeutic. The drums are smooth but tough. The kick is just as dope and tough as the drums, and with great force.


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