Best of Joe Budden Volume 2: Introduction


Last time I did this list was in 2012. However, this list began taking shape the year before.

Back in 2011, I came up with the idea to make a best of list featuring my favorite Joe Budden records. The list was based on what I had listened to the most at that time. I overlooked Mood Muzik 4 because it was still rather new. I included “Black Cloud” because I instantly liked it. I made no attempts to review the list and include songs I hadn’t heard of. In reality, there was some other dope stuff that I hadn’t noticed/slept-on.

I made an exemption for “Truth or Truth” because that song was undeniably one of his best. So honest in the record, I couldn’t avoid it. During the first listen, I felt the emotion. I almost shed a tear.

The idea for the list came to me after one of my college buddies said, “how could you like Joe Budden? He hasn’t had a hit since ‘Pump It Up.’” He then mimicked the “pump-pump-it-up” from the song. He never believed me when I said there was more to Joe than that song. I kept telling him, “dude, he’s dope, you have to listen to his other stuff,” but he never did, at least to my knowledge.

Here’s a true story.

One day, my college roommate and I were talking music or something. I brought up how Budden’s music was different than the rest. He was intrigued. He was going home for the weekend and was going to check them out. I wrote down several songs on a post-it and gave it to him. He asked me which song he should listen to first. I replied with “All of Me.”

He came back and was blown away. He hadn’t heard something like that. The Tammy part of the song came up, and I told him that part left me teary eyed. He felt that song, the emotion, the honesty, the relatable topics, etc. I hoped he checked out other songs.

People are quick to judge Budden off his early success with “Pump It Up.” The fair weather hip-hop fans judge him solely off that. They don’t get that he’s done A LOT of records since then.

Joey has an extensive discography. I haven’t heard everything he’s dropped. I’ve maybe heard about 85-90% of his stuff, not including the stuff with Slaughterhouse.

Therefore, this list is still an ongoing one, meaning I’m going off the stuff I’ve heard. There may or may not have been some songs that I’ve yet to listen make this list. That’s the beauty of Budden’s music, there’s hidden gems everywhere, and the only way to find them is to listen.

I had a difficult time last time choosing nineteen songs, so I thought making a list of fifty would be easier but I still had difficult choosing.

With no further ado, the second edition of the Best of Joe Budden list is here.


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