Best of Joe Budden v.2: #50 Dear Angela


Song: Dear Angela

Album: n/a

Year: n/a

Previous: not ranked

Look the lust is gone, the trust is gone, come to grips with the thought of us is gone

Joe pens a letter to his baby momma.

I believe this was one of the first times he mentions her. As his rap career furthered, his baby momma, along with their estrange and rocky relationship, would become a recurring topic. You’ll see more of this topic in later entries.

On “Dear Angela,” he raps about the early days of their relationship, pre-hip-hop artist Joe Budden, back when Budden was mostly an addict and in the streets.

He raps about their abusive relationship. Angela stabbed him. And Budden was apparently abusive, mentioning a time when his friends had to get pull him “off her.”

The early days of the relationship felt like the honeymoon phase as the cliché goes. Both loved the other deeply. Joe thought he met his future wife, calling Angela his soulmate, thinking they’d live together, forever. Plus, he said she was the best he ever had.

She stayed with him after his drug addiction and run-ins with the police. She held him down.

But then things went south.

The aforementioned violence ensued. Not to mention, Joe’s mother didn’t get along with Angela, a problem too common in society. He felt they wouldn’t make it since his mother and his girl couldn’t get along.

Although times got tough, Angela went to jail for stabbing Joe, and he was in the E.R., they both hoped to reconcile and reunite once they were released.

The relationship continued down a downslope with excessive fighting. Angela wanted out the relationship but Joe felt he needed her.

They continued fighting until a fight ended in Joe being hauled away by the police, while their son Trey, a young child, watched his father be whisked away.

Although Joe was thankful for the blessing Angela gave him by conceiving his son, he feels like she uses Trey as a “weapon,” meaning when they are fighting, she can have him arrested, and cite child endangerment or something similar in which their child is in a potential harmful situation.

In all, Joe tells Angela in this letter that although he put her through hell, she did the same. He wanted them to become a family, not just another baby momma/father situation.


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