Best of Joe Budden v.2: #48 Invisible Man


Song: Invisible Man

Album: Mood Muzik 3

Year: 2007

Previous: not ranked

If I was Kanye, I wouldn’t have these problems, but then I’d have Kanye’s problems

Depression is a recurring theme in Joe Budden’s music. He has dealt with it for the majority of his life. This has caused him to feel invisible at times.

His loneliness and depression has caused him to not be there. He’s there physically but not mentally. He compares his depression to metaphors concerning vacationing at a beach without sand, touching objects but unable to feel them, listening but not hearing it.

Depression is tough. Although he is living this great life, he still feels like his past life. He mentions his mental and himself have two different addresses: one’s at fine resort/hotel, while the other is in the ‘hood. He’s done well off his music, allowing him to have nice things but that life he once lead is always following him.

He continues the comparison. This time he gives the analogy of mixing vitamins with vicodin. The former are used to better one’s health while the latter is used for pain and is often abused. The contradiction relates to Joe’s life. Although he lives a rather lavish life, he still deals with demons. You’d think money would help solve his problems and allow him to live a great life but depression is something money can’t cure.

You’d think since money is a problem many people face, a person living a decent life shouldn’t have those problems. But no, that’s false. Money really can’t buy happiness.

He chose to rap to help himself and others. He didn’t want the game. In fact, he rather have anonymity over fame. He earned money by sharing his struggles but it cost him his privacy. He can no longer go anywhere nonchalantly. He received everything he ever wanted but gave up the one thing he truly ever wanted: anonymity. It’s ironic because depression helped him feel invisible, and now that he’s famous, he wants that feeling of invisibility once again.

In the second verse, Joe tells us how he would put himself before the rap fans. I don’t take this as an insult. He’d rather make music that will heal his soul and mind than make something just because it is currently popular. Plus, if he put himself first, he would be able to hold on to his sanity and live his live and not be another casualty of a love one lost too young. Simply put, he would put himself above his fans if it would help him overcome any issues he was dealing with i.e. get healthier/better rather than release a promised song, album, EP or mixtape.


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