Best of Joe Budden v.2: #46 Send Him Our Love


Song: Send Him Our Love

Album: Mood Muzik 3

Year: 2007

Previous: not ranked

But love something too long, guarantee it’ll kill you

First off, rest in peace Stack Bundles.

In June of 2007—just a few days before I graduated high school—Stack was shot and killed in front of his mother’s house in Queens.

Later that year, Mood Muzik 3 came out. This tribute song was on it. If I remember correctly, Joe was fucked up.

Joe’s dedication to his fallen soldier, no, fallen brother, is deep, heartwarming and emotional.

The pointer on this Word document is moving left to right but what can I say about this song. You have to check it out.

How can I describe it?

I really can’t.

I’d be doing the song wrong because this is a very personal song, from one friend to another. A bond a friendship can create is amazing and powerful. I can tell by the song, that their friendship extended beyond music. Joe refers to Stack as close to a part of his kin as one can.

The song is dope because it’s coming from Joe’s heart. He wanted to pay homage to this friend. The sharing of multiple stories is awesome. Joe already gives the fans so much personal stories in his music, but he rarely shares the fun stories from his is life. It was great to hear those stories before each verse.

If you ever watched the DVD that accompanied the album release of Mood Muzik 3, you’d see some of the making of the song. Joe, Killa BH and a few other friends were in the studio reminiscing about stories involving Stack including the last story Joe talks about in the song. Killa BH and another dude were talking about that AAA story where Stack’s car broke down on the highway. By the end of it, everyone erupted in laughter.

Suddenly, Joe tells the engineer to play the unfinished song. The room got quiet. You could tell Joe was in a zone, a nostalgic zone. As the song played, you could see by looking at Joe’s face that he was thinking of the memories he had with the Gorgeous Gangsta.

The rap world misses you Stack.


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