Best of Joe Budden v.2: #44 Just To Be Different


Song: Just To Be Different

Album: Halfway House

Year: 2008

Previous: not ranked

Why try to fit in when you a stand out?

Joe has always marched to the beat of his own drum. He’s done thing his way. He’s never really followed the crowd.

This applies to his rap career and real life.

When everyone was rapping about the drugs they sold or the guns they had, he was speaking from his heart, giving us a direct path to his mind, one that dealt with depression, and shed some light on it unlike others.

He never chased after the “it” producer of the moment. He never spent an outrageous amount of money on the “hot” rapper either.

He was early onto the video blog before everyone started vlogging. He already spoke about his life on wax, but decided to take it a step further and open the world to his every day life. He built a deeper relationship with his fans by showcasing glimpses of Joe Budden the man.

Joe never want the fame, he says in the second verse, he just wanted to rap. Rap was a medium of release, to release his thoughts. Music was therapeutic for him. That can be said about his music too.

The record label and executives pushed him to attract the mainstream audience by making music that was “hot” yet had no meaning behind it but he objected, and decide to make stuff with depth.

He attempted to make “club” records—more on the future—but realized that wasn’t him. It wasn’t what his fans wanted to hear from him. Joe was trying to appeal to the radio. To Joe, music is more than a means for income, just like he says on “Hiatus,” “music is just want feelings sound like.”

Joe’s rarely follows a trend or the crowd. Dude still walks around in sweats and hoodies, in public. Most people wouldn’t wear sweats in public. This dude does though. Just go through his Instagram. He didn’t give a fuck before, and still doesn’t. That’s probably why some people get offended at some of the stuff he says, cc: the Method Man situation.

In all, Joe follows the mantra at the top of the post, and it is dope. Why should you attempt to fit in with the crowd when you do your own thing? Following the crowd leads to nothing, it would be difficult to be noticed. Meanwhile, being yourself, with all your quirks, will help you stand out from those whole just follow suit. While they are looking for attention, following the latest trends, your uniqueness will be the one receiving unwanted attention.

In conclusion, always, ALWAYS be yourself.


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