Best of Joe Budden v.2: #43 Russian Roulette


Song: Russian Roulette

Album: n/a

Year: 2009

Previous: not ranked

I thought I was unprepared for the fame and all the bears, then I went to see my grandma and it all became clear, ‘cause she 90 years old, can’t move, blank stare, like she waiting on death, won’t move up out that same chair

This track is the epitome of a Joe Budden song. He catches us up on the things going on in his life, whether that is: relationships, beef, family or something else, he shares it.

He hopped on Rihanna’s single and let it all out, covering a wide range of topics.

He takes the time to speak on his fans’ sudden interest in his relationship with model and entertainer, Somaya Reece. Are they together or aren’t they?

Budden puts the rumors to bed and let’s us know that they’ll be whatever they want to be. He doesn’t need to talk about his relationship status. Budden asks for privacy from his fans and the media but that’s the thing with Budden fans: his relationships matter because they get included in his raps Plus, those records often end up being some of his best records. Although, he doesn’t definite his relationship with Reece, it seems like they are together and he is preparing to break up with her – see the last line.

Meanwhile, he mentioned his ex-girlfriend, Tahiry, and told everyone how he feels about what she was doing. Basically, he said she can does what she wants as long as it’s away from him. He’s not going to get upset or mad at whatever she’s doing, she’s a grown woman.

That’s tough especially when you have a fans that will constantly provoke Joe and bring her up and whatever nonsense she might be doing. He sees what she is doing and figures it’s simply for attention.

He makes a spot on reference to The Truman Show saying his life is similar to it, how he lets everyone in. Soon after, he mentions his ill grandmother. His grandmother isn’t doing too well. She can’t move and doesn’t show emotion or any expression. Joe figures she’s come to terms that death is imminent, and is just waiting for it to pass by like one would wait for the bus. Real shit.

That grandmother line is almost too personal to share but nothing is off limits for Joe. He let’s us into his world.


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