Best of Joe Budden v.2: #42 Runaway


Song: Runaway

Album: No Love Lost

Year: 2013

Previous: not ranked

And it’s funny what the effects of that little pill’ll do, funny shit that keeps you alive can also kill you

Budden has never shied away from talking about his constant battle with addiction. He claims to be a natural addict, addicted to anything he does whether that was drugs or not.

On “Runaway,” that’s exactly what we get, Budden’s openness about his drug use including talking about his recent relapse during the summer of 2012. He’d been sober for a long time but that summer, he relapsed. He started to pop molly with some acquaintances, which he thought were friends.

In the past he struggled with angel dust, now his battle was with ecstasy.

His relapse was hard. He’d frequent the toilet bowl. He became nauseated, and would puke, creating an attachment to the bowl. He’d lose some weight as a result of the puking. It’s just an ugly picture to imagine. I imagine it’s a low point in Joe’s life.

He wished he wasn’t an addict. He wants to be ”normal.”

Whatever that means.

He wished he could be like other people and just take drugs recreationally, without worrying about abuse. Why is it when he takes a pill, he becomes the worst possible thing on it? It makes him odd while others can remain “normal” or perceived as functional. Yet, he’s struggling, unable to get his legs under him to walk.

He takes it a step further and puts part of the blame on his addiction to his parents and the genes they’d past down. In the past, his parents dealt with their own demons in addiction, so ideally, Joe would inherit those tendencies. Joe questions a higher power for dealing him such a bad hand, and no providing or shedding light on a possible solution to his addiction problem.

Nevertheless, Joe was able to fight off his recent drug abuse and achieve sobriety. He took it a step further and spoke out about the dangers of the drug on a newscast.


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