Frank Sosa – A Chief Keef Art Show


To help celebrate the Chief Keef issue of the Frank 151, this show was brought to life. The Seventh Letter store on Fairfax was the chosen place to host such event.

Many artists submitted work inspired by and featuring the rapper.

Chief Keef is an interesting person.

He grew up in a dangerous part of Chicago. Death visits often, and violence is on the daily. He managed to escape that world through rap—although still glorifies it—and bettered his life as well as his daughter’s.

Chicago is not easy place to live, especially in the city’s Southside section. I suggest you watch Keef’s appearance on Noisey’s great documentary on Chi-Town.

The show was dope.

There were a large amount of people inside and more were outside standing behind a gated door, waiting for security to let them in. Once I managed to get in, I walked through the sea of people and checked out the artwork.

The artwork had Keef portraying different characters in pop culture including James Bond, Papa Shango and a Spartan from 300. You could see the artists’ creativity in their artwork. Hell, someone painted Keef in the garden of Eden, which was fucking dope. In the painting, Keef seems to be wandering around the garden without a care in the world.

The art installation with the drunk Keef was cool. Keef’s song “Hate Being Sober” was written in an ill handstyle. The details of it were on point, from the lean tee to the Chief Keef printed dollars scattered on the floors to the brown paper bag and the empty bottles, it was well put together.

Overall, the opening reception was dope.

Here are a few photos from the art show. They aren’t the best in the world but what do you expect when the rooms were crowded with a bunch of people?

Check out more artwork from the show by clicking on the links below.

IMG_0001 IMG_0011_2 IMG_0034_2 IMG_0038_2



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