Best of Joe Budden v.2: #40 I Couldn’t Help It


Song: I Couldn’t Help It

Album: Padded Room

Year: 2008

Previous: not ranked

Young dude stressed in the hood like Jesus, I ain’t ready for no child but she was, when you piss poor, get to having sick thoughts, while the chick probably sitting there thinking about marriage, I’m thinking abortion like a savage, an on-purpose accident to have a miscarriage

Joe’s pen game is insane. His storytelling is impressive. You’ll see more of it in later posts. These fictitious situations/stories he comes up are well written, and detailed, often resembling a real life situation that isn’t too far-fetched.

The first verse is crazy. It details the protagonist’s life and how its about to turn on its side. He has just found out his “girl”—more like a hit it and quit it—is pregnant. He’s about to become a father. Could art be imitating life – that is, Joe’s life?

It resembles a similar situation many young people—adults too—face. They impregnate a woman they know they shouldn’t have slept with in the first place. The end result is a dude that has a crazy baby momma.

Joe pens the verse through the soon-to-be father’s point of view. He’s scared. He’s not ready, financially or mentally. He’s afraid of becoming a father that he tries to convince the woman to get an abortion. He takes it a step further, by suggesting “an on-purpose accident,” hoping it results in miscarriage Sick thoughts from a desperate man.

He continues trying to influence the girl’s decision, saying she’s crazy and psychotic. He pointed out the multiple fights they got into, that often turned physical.

He regrets fucking ol’ girl but he wasn’t thinking of possible long-term outcomes from it, he thought what a lot of guys think of: getting laid. The girl’s booty was so mesmerizing, he didn’t think, “Hey, she could end up being my child’s mother.”

Meanwhile, the second verse deals with infidelity, as Joe takes us along a roller coaster ride of a story.

Randomly, Joe meets a peer’s girlfriend in Las Vegas, and exchange cell phone numbers. Joe’s thinking is rational, he thought, neither of them will ever use it.

Fast forward to the next day, and she hits him up, wanting to meet up. She wants to come to his room but he turns her down. She aggressively continues the pursuit of Joe and tells him to come downstairs to meet up.

The girl, and her friend, are joined by Joe and head off to a club where things start getting interesting. They end up in a hotel room. Joe tries to stop it from going further by telling her he doesn’t have a condom. She solves that problem, and Joe is out of ways of getting out of this situation.

Her friend feels left out joins in. All Joe can think of is the boyfriend, and their family. As he has her on top of the television, he can’t help but think of the time he watched this girl with her husband on a television program.

This is just an example of Joe’s incredible way of telling stories in his raps. There will be more evidence of this as the list continues.


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