Best of Joe Budden v.2: #41 All In My Head


Song: All In My Head feat. Royce Da 5’9 and Kobe

Album: No Love Lost

Year: 2013

Previous: not ranked

Now I’m the type to walk through the fire to check the way it burns

We all have issues with ourselves. Joe is no different. He takes it a step further and shares his issues with the world.

The hook, provided by Kobe, not that Kobe, summarizes the song effectively.

“How did I make it here,” sings Kobe.

How did Joe make it to his current age? Through the battles with drugs and depression, you’d think he wouldn’t be here today.

He hits us with two introspective verses. He uses a football metaphor to refer to himself as someone who’s been close but has never managed to claim the grand prize. At one point, Joe was seen as the potential heir to the rap throne. He was signed to Def Jam, popular in the mixtape circuit but eventually ended up in an ugly situation at his record label. His sophomore album, The Growth, was going to be more personal than his debut but it was shelved indefinitely.

He shares more details about himself including a time when he thought suicide was his only option. His constant battle with drugs and depression pushed him to consider suicide. He convinced himself that he could go through with it, that he could keep his suicide a secret from everyone who loved him but his loved ones knew something was wrong with him.

He continues and refers to his loneliness, coming to a personal revelation. Joe raps, “Let all my skeletons out the closet, just so I’d never be alone.” Now, most people would store their skeletons deep in their closet but not Joe. His secrets bring him peers. Sharing his personal struggles with the world is therapeutic. It brings in listeners who might have shared a similar past as Joe or are dealing with something such as depression. Also, he gives those who are in a similar situation hope, that they aren’t alone. Through his music, he betters himself and can help you too.

Plus, he tells us if he wasn’t himself, he wouldn’t have been able to bless us with “All of Me,” one of his best songs.

Imagine if he never dropped that song?

Or songs like “Whatever It Takes,” “Ordinary Love Shit” or “Pray For Me”?

A lot of Joe’s best songs are when he over shares his personal life with us, giving us unbelievable and shocking true facts.


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