Best of Joe Budden v.2: #39 Do Tell


Song: Do Tell

Album: Padded Room

Year: 2009

Previous: not ranked

Tell the stereotypes I tried them shits on, they didn’t fit me

Budden takes the time to pen his hypothetical suicide note. Who would ever think of putting such a thing on a track?

Budden would.

He’s very honest with his fans when it comes to his music, he’ll share everything—it comes to a point where fans might think he over shares stuff that might be deemed too personal.

He takes the time to say something to each person in his life. He says something to his mother and father as well to an older brother I had no idea he had. He mentions his grandmother, who’s always been a friend to him even if he never visited.

He spoke to his son Trey too. He told him what he really thinks of his mother, Joe’s baby momma, and told him he’ll understand once he gets older.

Budden mentioned his old neighborhood in this hypothetical note. He told them he had to leave them for his own health, for his sanity. He didn’t leave to go after money, he left to better him. He tried taking some of them with him but they turned him down or said it was too late.

He mentioned his then-girlfriend Tahiry. Although their relationship was far from perfect, and filled with ups and downs, Budden appreciates her and wouldn’t want to go through shit like that with anybody else.

Finally, he spoke to his fans. He briefly mentioned them but told them he never deceived them. He gave us the real him. He was honest and shared everything, EVERYTHING with us through his lyrics.


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