Best of Joe Budden v.2: #38 Follow Your Lead


Song: Follow Your Lead

Album: Mood Muzik 4

Year: 2010

Previous: not ranked

I don’t wanna pretend, I don’t wanna live a lie, I don’t wanna be judged, don’t wanna be criticized, I don’t want to talk, there’s nothing I want to say, the more I let them get to know me, the more they just run away

Joe has always had faith in a higher power. He might not be religious, but he is spiritual.

Here, he tries to live his life according to what God says. He believes God has a planned for everyone. So Joe understands that when he’s feeling down, or succumbing to drugs, it might take him to a dark place. However, that dark place might be a step in the right direction that He wants him to take.

Joe can do without all the materialistic and superficial objects. He doesn’t need wealth or a very attractive female; he simply wants to follow His path.

In the second verse, Joe confesses to Him about himself. He tells Him that the more he opens up to people, the more likely they disassociate with Joe. Joe continues confessing that he isn’t perfect. He’s has a better chance of making a situation worse than fixing it. He wishes people would adjust to him but they just want to change him, when he’s been like this his entire life.

Also, Joe’s Slaughterhouse brother Joell provides an unreal verse. He mentions several moments when Joell’s life could’ve been altered forever. Those close calls helped develop a stronger bond between Joell and his higher power.


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