Best of Joe Budden v.2: #37 Old School Mouse


Song: Old School Mouse

Album: Mood Muzik 2

Year: 2005

Previous: not ranked

Child supports a bitch, I take of mine, but the Lord just say I ain’t there for mine

One of the first songs that helped me become an “official fan” of Budden, I fucked with him heavily after this. It’s the second song off the classic Mood Muzik 2, which helped rejuvenate Budden and his career, in my opinion.

I remember the few weeks after this mixtape came out, I burned a copy and uploaded/ripped it to my Xbox 360 so I could listen to it while I played video games.

There was this one time when a friend from high school (Holla) rolled by. We were chillin’, I turned on the Xbox, we were playing some game—at least I was and he was next to me—I went to the music library on the console and hit play. He was a Murs fan, so I wanted to show him what I listened to. This song came on, and I remember rapping along with the lyrics and precisely saying, “abstract”—in high school there was a local clothing line called Abstraxx. I have no idea why I placed emphasis on that word. I’m pretty sure he looked at me with a “what-the-fuck-is-he-doing?” expression.


Back to the song, Budden raps with no hook, just raps. He touches on multiple subjects including his label situation, Jay Z, tension with his former associate DJ Clue, the early oughts New York rap scene, his own ‘hood, his baby momma, etc. nothing is off limits.

He touches on the record label situation, which shelved him indefinitely. Although Jay was the head of the label that shelved him, he still has love for him. He feels the same for Clue. DJ Clue stopped playing Budden’s music when Budden decided to stop shouting out Clue’s record label Desert Storm on songs. That is sort-of childish and immature of Clue, but Budden still has love for him.

The baby momma issue is recurring in his music. Here, he mentions that, according to the law, he isn’t supporting his child. He’s not making payments. Budden says he “takes care of mine,” which could be implied that he gives enough but not the full amount set by the court. The judge sees Budden dropping songs like the badGangsta Party”—more on this in the future (I promise!)—as a source of revenue but he doesn’t understand or wants to understand that Budden isn’t seeing any money because his album got “pushed back,” and eventually shelved.

Can you see why this song made me fuck with Budden? Dude shares so much with us, when in reality honesty is a hard concept for some to grasp.


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