Best of Joe Budden v.2: #36 Secrets


Song: Secrets

Album: Mood Muzik 3

Year: 2007

Previous: not ranked

Pretties up the outside, to cover up what’s inside

Ah, here’s another example of Joe’s amazing storytelling.

The song/story revolves around 19-year-old Sasha.

Here’s a short synopsis of the story.

Sasha is a single mother of two children. She works at a strip club under the alias, Chyna Doll. She works the nightlife to pay for her materialistic lifestyle that includes several designer names. Chyna Doll is in a relationship with Jerome, whose has jealousy issues, and is often found at her club going after patrons that give any attention (money) to Chyna.

Chyna is attractive, with an amazing body, which causes everyone that comes in to gravitate toward her. She strips for a bit but doesn’t end up making as much money as she needs/wants. She turns to “selling” herself, allowing anyone to fuck her for the right amount. Her new endeavor had Chyna neglecting her children.

One day she meets Dre, a frequenter at the club. Dre and Chyna start hooking up. Both were in relationships but that didn’t matter.

One night, Jerome catches them in an interesting situation. Chyna was giving Dre a lap dance when Jerome came storming in, chasing after Dre. Jerome chases him outside and goes to his trunk, looking for something to really punish Dre but Chyna intervenes.

Later, a huge, life-altering twist is presented. Dre finds out he’s tested positive for HIV and seeks out Chyna, to confront her. Things get messy. Dre reacts, which causes Jerome to react as well.

The ending is surprising.

Joe painted a vivid picture with his rhymes. As the told the story, detailed images pop up in your head. He keeps building the story with every brush stroke, increasing in intensity before he hits us with a hook that knocks the wind out.

Just another example of the extraordinary talent Joe possesses. More like this in later posts.


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