2015 Royal Rumble


Another year and another Rumble is on the horizon.

This year’s event has potential to be a great. The undercard lacks depth but the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match and the Rumble itself, look promising.

The match between Brock Lesnar, John Cena and Seth Rollins is interesting because it will determine what direction the WWE takes. Lesnar’s contract is up real soon, so the plan is to take the championship off him and maybe feed him to Roman Reigns. But the question remains: for the championship or not?

They could piss off the entire universe (Internet) and have Cena win the championship even though it does nothing for his character or career.

I’d be shocked but happy if they let Rollins walk out the champ. It’s unexpected, but would be dope if it happen, Rollins has been putting in work this past year and no one deserves it like him. Plus, it leaves the door open for many different feuds.

My prediction: they get the championship off Lesnar and give it to Cena, who “overcomes” the odds like he always does.

As for the Rumble—I cannot wait for this—there are some many great wrestlers in it that I could see potentially winning. They could continue to force feed us Reigns. They could have him top last year’s performance and win the Rumble. Or they could have Daniel Bryan enter as an early entrant and win it all too.

Dean Ambrose is near superstar level but him winning depends on the direction the WWE goes in the championship match. Bray Wyatt is awesome but I don’t see him getting that big of a push.

My prediction: Rusev gets a huge push and ends up winning the Rumble, extending his winning streak and headlining the biggest event of the year. Rusev wins and sets up a showdown with Cena at WrestleMania with the championship and Rusev’s undefeated streak on the line. Of course, Cena does what no one else could and beats Rusev.

Since the Rumble is in Philly, I’m going to say that at least one former ECW wrestler make a surprise appearance. Sandman?

Like every year, I hype myself up by watching past years Rumbles. I watched the 2010 edition of the Royal Rumble because I wanted to see straight edge society CM Punk. He was dope as a heel. I never saw him during that run. He was killing it.

Plus, I watched that Royal Rumble special with Santino, where they gave facts and interesting information surrounding the Rumble.

I can’t wait until Sunday.

Will Sting show up after showing up on Monday? Who knows…All I know is that the start of WrestleMania season is upon us.


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