Best of Joe Budden v.2: #34 Are You In That Mood Yet?


Song: Are You In That Mood Yet?

Album: Mood Muzik 2

Year: 2005

Previous: #19

Depression starts talking and his voice is raspy, ‘cause he ain’t shut the fuck up in three and a half weeks

Ah, the opening song to one of my favorites mixtapes…ever. And what a song it is.

The struggle, everyone—well the majority of us have dealt with struggles in our lives. It seems Joe has faced hardships more than the average person.

Here, Joe raps a line-blurred song near confessional.

He talks about the struggle just to get by.

A big struggle many people go through is the lack of money to live a stable life. Joe’s no different.

He’s always worrying about how far he can stretch his current paycheck. He pays one bill but neglects another. He wishes he could lend a few people some money but it would lead to a bigger burden on him. His money tends to go by fast. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. His car is a burden on his pockets too. He needs it but he’s noticing that it costs more to repair and maintain than it did to purchase it.

Plus, we get the recurring baby momma issues. Joe and his girl where on the verge of breaking up—he was almost out the door—when she told him she was late, and eventually pregnant. Joe’s thoughts at this point are outrageous but honest. She’s going to keep the child and doesn’t want Joe in her life if he doesn’t want a child. The following line is such a crazy and selfish thing from Joe but it made me realized that at least he was honest. In his mind he thought, just get the abortion. Although money is tight, he’ll find money for the operation.

After his son is born, Joe starts to fit the category of “dead beat dad”—he’s never there. He starts hearing things and notices Trey calling another dude “daddy.” Joe loses it but he knows he can’t get upset. He doesn’t deserve that title but he doesn’t want another man being called that.

He starts reflecting on himself and knows he’s never been a good father. He’s never taken his son to school. He’s never taken him to fun places children enjoy like Chuck E. Cheese. He’s never visited on a birthday or a holiday. He’s done nothing to deserve the “dad” title.

A lot of personal and tough shit to digest in this song but that’s what made me start fucking with Joe more: his ability to be honest with his fans. No topic is off-limits for him. He really gives us all of him.


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