Best of Joe Budden v.2: #33 Stuck In The Moment


Song: Stuck In The Moment

Album: Mood Muzik 3

Year: 2010

Previous: not ranked

If you knew about my hardships and the bloodshed, it’ll speak for itself and that’s enough said, I carry heavy weight, who wanna try and bear it? Hope to lessen it daily, if you wonder why I share it

You know how Budden always gives us his life in songs? This isn’t an exception.

Budden frequently over shares information that may make your cringe and think, “damn, should he be sharing this information with us?”

We’re grateful that he is so honest with his fans, by speaking about his pain, issues and struggles. His music might be directly or indirectly help someone better his or her own health or life.

On “Stuck In The Moment,” Budden touches on a variety of different topics including depression, people from high school and about his status in life.

On thing he mentions that I thought was dope was that he isn’t content with where he is in life. Although he’s had success in both the mainstream and underground world, he still wants to achieve more. He’s done a lot in his life up to this point but still wants to achieve more in the future. He’s been featured in video games, movies, TV shows, reality shows and rap battles but he isn’t fully content. His music has appeared in Fast Five as well as Mean Girls, two entirely different films.

He’s done a lot but still has the hunger, the ambition; he had when he first came out, which is dope. You have to respect a dude that has achieved things in the past and wants to continue to achieve new things in the future.


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