Best of Joe Budden v.2: #31 Dessert 4 Thought


Song: Dessert 4 Thought

Album: Mood Muzik 4

Year: 2010

Previous: not ranked

Straight face on, pretending to feel decent, casket shopping for a loved one that’s still breathing

Budden is joined by two lyrical monsters but is holds his own, and provides the song’s best verse.

He does what he normally does on songs: puts his personal life on wax.

He briefly touches on his past.

He mentions he’s had too many deaths in his life and that its difficult to mourn, which could be interpreted as you don’t have time to mourn a loss because another one is just around the corner.

Also, he speaks about his issues in the past telling us he’s still feeling the effects of his past troubles. Although he’s moved on, they will always be there. They will never completely go away. His fans and other people will willingly or inadvertently bring up his past regardless of what their intentions are.

The part that stuck out in his verse was when he spoke about dealing with a dying family member (his grandmother perhaps?). He received a phone call telling him that his relative only had a short amount of time left before they would pass. He mentions the terrifying feelings that come with knowing one of your family members is near his or her ultimately end. You jump up at every cell phone ring. You begin to think, “Is this the call that tells me he or she has died?”

It’s easy to picture the images Budden is describing even though I cringe at the thought of being in that position. I can’t imagine being in that situation, knowing a loved one is living his or her final days.

Stuff like this happens in real life but no one ever talks about it. Well, Budden does. He’s unafraid to put his life out there for us to see and possibly relate to. He copes with hardships by making music. And we cope with our struggles by listening to his music.


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