Champions League: Round of 16 Predictions


Champions League is back, yay! After a two-month break, the last sixteen teams remaining will take the field.

In my last Champions League post, I made predictions on who would advance. I correctly named thirteen of the sixteen teams that advanced—Liverpool, Benfica and Athletic Bilbao didn’t make it. That’s not bad.

There are two monster games in the Round of 16 headlined by a rematch of last year’s knock out phase match between Barcelona and Manchester City. The other big game is the duel between Chelsea and PSG.

These matches could go either way. All four teams are some of the biggest clubs in the Europe, and the world too. They’re always favorites to win their respective league and to go deep into the European competitions.

Although they face tough competition, I see Chelsea and Barcelona advancing into the next round with Chelsea not struggling as much as Barcelona might.

The luck of the draw was on the side of Bayern Munich and Real Madrid as they drew teams that they should walk over with ease. Real will faced Schalke, a rematch of last year’s Round of 16 matchup where Real dominated the German side and scored nine goals over two legs. Meanwhile, Bayern takes on Shakhtar Donetsk, who poses little to no threat.

Juventus and Borussia Dortmund meet in this round. Dortmund has been very disappointing this year in the Bundesliga. However, I see them meshing together and reaching the next round, winning on aggregate.

Arsenal takes on a Monaco side that won’t do much. Arsenal should advance. Porto will beat Basel.

Atletico Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen will face each other. It will be a close two legged series but Atletico with its firepower in the midfield and up top, will create chances and score goals.

Those are my predictions, now let’s watch the games and see how it turns out.

(Photo credit: WSS)


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