Best of Joe Budden v.2: #29 Want You Back


Song: Want You Back

Album: The Soul Tape 2

Year: 2012

Previous: not ranked

I know you’re thinking my happiness is a front, how would you ever know, happiness is what you wanted, so unidentifiable when that armor never let up, you fucked me real good, but karma fucked you better

The only guest verse from Joe on this list. You know if I made an exception and added a guest verse that it has to be dope. I left out his Slaughterhouse stuff from the list—well, that could be considered an exception as well. You’ll see.

His verse deals with his ex-girlfriend Tahiry. Although the relationship ended years ago, it doesn’t seem like its over.

According to Joe, she’s bitter, and monitors Joe. She would check his Twitter and questioned him about his tweets. Her actions lead to a spot on a VH1 reality show for both of them, to try and rekindle their relationship.

The attempt failed.

He tried to build a friendship with her but that failed as well.

Later, Joe found a new girlfriend, Kaylin Garcia. He and Kaylin appeared to have a beautiful, healthy relationship. He would show off his new girl to the world. It looked like Joe had moved on from Esther Baxter and Tahiry.

However, it seemed like Tahiry was upset, angry with Joe. She started hanging around other rappers and athletes. Was it to get back at Joe? Maybe. She eventually fell in the lap of JR Smith, who would set Twitter on fire with a photo with a great view.

He took the last section of his verse to speak on how he felt seeing her act out. He saw that she was trying to find some similar to his relationship with Kaylin but kept failing, often heading in the opposite direction. She wanted a private love life but went looking for it with the wrong people. Joe credits good ole karma for this.

Although he only provided a verse, he said so much. He kept it honest and said his peace about the Tahiry situation, and gave us such a dope verse.


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