Best of Joe Budden v.2: #28 Sidetracked


Song: Sidetracked

Album: Halfway House

Year: 2009

Previous: not ranked

I’ve lost so many relationships, is it, just because I don’t relate to shit?

You know when you’re about to go do something but something triggers in your mind and start thinking of something else besides the task you were planning on doing? You come to a realization and utter the phrase “I lost my train of thought.” Everyone has.

Throughout the song, Joe walks us through a day in the life. As he describes what he is doing, something distracts him. He refocuses but another thing causes him to get sidetracked.

He goes back and forth saying one thing and then retracting what he just said by giving a reason to not go through with it.

Joe battles with an inner issue in this song. Is there something deeper in this song that what’s on the surface? Maybe. To me, it seems like his old friend depression is the cause behind his lack of focus and flip-flop of things.

At times he’s pumped, he’s motivated, he’s ready to hit the studio but then there’s days where he doesn’t want to do that. He sees it as pointless. It’s a waste of time.

Depression kicked it. It latches onto him and impacts his mood, resulting in his music being placed in a vault instead of its intended purpose: to be heard, to help, to heal.

He continues through this day and continues getting distracted. His thoughts switch from one thing to randomly something else. He mentions how he reaches the convenience store but forgets what he came for. His phone rings and then he remembers why he’s there, ignoring the call completely, not knowing if something important was on the other side of that call.

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