Best of Joe Budden v.2: #27 More of Me


Song: More of Me

Album: A Loose Quarter

Year: 2012

Previous: not ranked

Grab a magnifying glass I need y’all to look closer, at the only dude to do every drug and get lower

Hey, it’s the sequel—well—to that one amazing song.

You could say that it’s the sequel to the classic “All of Me” but I disagree. It shares a similar theme and same format but this one doesn’t entirely focus on Joe. Instead he shines the spotlight on his then-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia.

He talks about himself and his life in the beginning, sharing more information about himself.

Midway through the long, second verse, he begins sharing Kaylin’s life. When his fans first heard of her, they became captivated with her. I was too, and it wasn’t just because of those photos.

Joe often over shares his life, so when he started sharing Kaylin’s life, you knew you were about to hear some pain. With everything Joe shared about her life, you can’t help but think how she managed to overcome everything.

You have to give Kaylin credit for opening up to Joe and for allowing him to share her past, her hurt and her pain with his fans, who are probably they only ones who could handle it and not reacted negatively toward it.

In the song, we learn about the difficult life Kaylin has had.

She lived through abuse, both physically and mentally.

She’s been homeless like Joe once was.

She was molested as a child.

She has estranged relationships with her father, her mother and her stepfather.

Her father was a victim of addiction.

She was suicidal in the past.

Although she’s been through so much, she still sees the joy of life, constantly smiling. In many of her photos, she is smiling, or smirking. Her smile is contagious. You’d think a woman that’s—for lack of a better word—damaged, would be a wreck, a mess but she’s happy, enjoying life.

Her timing couldn’t have been more perfect. According to Joe, she came right when he was thinking of relapsing—he would later relapse. He said he was very close to smoking angel dust but she talked to him and helped him through the difficult time. He credits God for sending such a wonderful woman in his life, and cherishes the time they spend together.

There are times in life when certain people show up in our lives and make it better. This is just an example of that. He was on the edge of doing something regrettable but she stepped in and stopped it from happening.

So thank you Kaylin for the time you spent with Joe. Although it didn’t work out between you two, you’ll always be part of his life and his fans’ lives. You helped him overcome some demons and it lead to some dope music but most importantly, his health.


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