2Shae “Red” and Norm “We Out Here” Art Show


I caught this show on one of its last days.

The show was a blend of two very different styles.

Norm displayed artwork that centered on the tattoo culture. He used only three colors: black, white and grey. His work was very detailed. He drew beautiful, heavily tattooed women.

I want to say he gained inspiration from the huge Latino population in the U.S. He took popular tattoos found in the Latin culture such as clown eye makeup, roses, crosses, elegant cursive writing, skulls, Calaveras, etc. and implemented them in his drawings of the women.

On the other side was 2Shae.

His style was more urban, street. The title of his show fit perfectly as he only used the colors black, white and red with the red easily standing out. He drew cartoon characters and gave them a twist. The cartoons were edgier. He ended up giving them incredible facial expressions.

Overall, the show was interesting.

I really liked 2Shae’s work. Norm’s style isn’t for me but I like the things he implemented. I like that he put a spin on his drawings of the women and gave them plenty of tattoos.

Below are a few photos. The first two photos are of 2Shae and the other two are Norm.

For more photos of the show, check out the links below.

IMG_0277 IMG_0302 IMG_0289 IMG_0309





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