An Ode To Alchemist: Chemistry 114


“Our boy Allllllllllll, everybody’s paaallllllllllllll.”

Here we have Alchemist with some of his frequent collaborators.

Rakaa – Aces High feat. Evidence, Fashawn and Defari (2010)

A banger – to no one’s surprise.

Alchemist grabbed Bobby Gland’s funky, soulful “Yolanda” and chopped it up to a few, separate parts. He then put each part in a different section of the beat. The trumpet or saxophone (or both) that he sampled is dope. The keyboard was looped and made the premise of the entire beat, which in itself, is great.

Domo Genesis – The Feeling (2012)

This Sonny Craver “I Wanna Thank You” song that Alchemist sampled is funky, soulful, and not to mention, dope! Alchemist sampled the beginning of Craver’s record with the horns—which I fucking love—and looped it. Or is that a saxophone?

Anyways, it’s simply smooth. It’s also a simple beat. The drums and snare complement the sample perfectly. They don’t outshine the sample, they play second fiddle to it. You could even say they help emphasize the sample’s horns.

Gangrene – Chain Swinging (2010)              

This beat is disgusting – in a good way! It puts a “smells-like-shit” expression on my face. Yuck! The DJ scratches are a great addition.

The sample from the Italian rock group Jumbo is dope. “Il Ritorno Del Signor K” has an awesome startling guitar that Alchemist grabbed and made it an integral, memorable part of the beat. I can picture the guitarist individually plucking the strings at the top of the guitar. It easily catches your ear, and is funky and scary at the same time. The guitar sounds like a sitar.

Prodigy – Stop Fronting (2007)

This is some funky shit. He matched the vibe of the sample with a snare and some drums.

Here, Alchemist sampled three records and stacked them on top of one another. The opening features the three samples from The Dramatics, Barry White, and Dave & Ansel. The Dave & Ansel sample is the vocals heard at the beginning. The samples from The Dramatics and White play a big part in the beat. White’s record was looped, and a sped up guitar pluck was added to the original horns on the “Playing Your Games, Baby” record.

Action Bronson – Bitch I Deserve You feat. Evidence (2012)

Another smooth and funky beat from Alchemist.

He sampled Mildred Clark and The Melody Aires’ “If I Had One More Chance” twice for this beat. He sampled some of the Clark’s vocals for the beginning and the end of the song. Then he sampled the keyboard for the basis of the beat. He added some background drums and other funky sounds to help give the dope keyboard sample an extra kick.


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