Best of Joe Budden v.2: #25 No Idea


Song: No Idea

Album: Mood Muzik 4

Year: 2010

Previous: not ranked

Out of touch with reality, I’ll help you get a grasp of it, success breeds changes, but so does a lack of it

This is a prime example of what you get from Joe Budden.

In three dope verses, he speaks on a variety of topics, getting personal in the process.

He speaks on his past reminding the listener of his days as a dust head. He’s not afraid to speak about his worst days. However, he does mentions that something good came out of being sprung on PCP. Through his constant battles and suffering, he was able to learn something from his struggles.

He drops a gem of a second verse.

He paints the picture of a break up on the horizon. In the verse, the boyfriend is preparing for the break up. He’s tired of being in a relationship. Eventually, each person starts getting annoyed by their partner’s habits. The things they once liked about their partner, starts rubbing them the wrong way.

They start drifting further apart. One starts hinting about a break up but won’t utter the words. In their minds, the relationship is over but they’ll continue to keep face since it the breakup hasn’t become “official.” In the end, the love one had for the other will turn into hate, and the bond that was created and shared will be destroyed. You’ll be unable to do anything together.


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