Best of Joe Budden v.2: #24 Downfall


Song: Downfall

Album: Mood Muzik 4.5

Year: 2011

Previous: not ranked

Can’t use anything I ever gave you to bury me, you supposed to be the one to bury me

Budden let’s his words spill onto the canvas.

He speaks on the criticism he’s received for stuff he’s done or said. From putting his private life on display for everyone to see to his comments about his rap skill—the Method Man situation to getting into unnecessary beefs, it’s all under a microscope.

Joe might be the most scrutinized rapper in hip-hop. It seems like any position he takes gets misunderstood. For example, let’s look at the Method Man situation. People looked at Budden and thought he was disrespecting Method but I saw it differently. I saw it as a “this is hip-hop, this is competition. I think I’m better than everyone.” I didn’t see it as Budden acting in an arrogant or cocky way but more in an “I’m-confident-in-my-rap-skills” way. He got so much shit for that, that Raekwon and his goons confront Budden at Rock The Bells 2009—a show that I was at, by the way—and one of Rae’s goons sucker-punched Budden.

In the last verse, he goes in depth about the situation with Tahiry that ended in breakup. Including her is nothing new in Budden’s music but I couldn’t help but cringed at the fact that he’d put that in a verse. He talks about her infidelity, among other things.

Like I previously said, he often overshares, and I thought this was one of those times. But it makes for such a dope song.


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