Best of Joe Budden v.2: #23 10 Mins


Song: 10 Mins

Album: Joe Budden

Year: 2003

Previous: not ranked

Sometimes the truth could hurt you, so I blow my cig smoke right at the truth commercial

A ten-minute song?!?!? That’s unheard of, as well as unbelievable. Who else would be able to, or rather should I say, attempt to, write such a song? Budden did. Plus, he made it extremely interesting. It never reached a point where you wanted it to come to an end.

Not only was he successful in making it interesting for such a length of time, he made it very personal—like he normally does—and opened up about his life to the world. Remind you; this was on his debut album before we came to expect this type of songs about personal struggles on the regular. At the time, he was just a dude with a popular radio single. The world had no idea this man possessed such an amazing story and set of skills to bring it to life.

Throughout the song, Budden keeps reminding us that he just wants ten minutes to himself. Ten minutes to get away from everything. To get away from his world that got turned upside down once he became “famous.”

In the song, he opens up about his father being in prison and explains his guilty conscience when he was messing around with a married woman. Additionally, he talks about his old ‘hood, and the criticism he gets from the people still there. Although in some people’s eyes it looks like he’s “made it,” he’s can’t abandon the hood. He’ll still kept a close relationship with his ‘hood because his son lives there.

This song is amazing, to be brief. The ten-minute time length might be intimidating at first, but you’ll notice how fast the time goes as you locked in on Budden’s lyrics.


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