Best of Joe Budden v.2: #22 Broken Wings


Song: Broken Wings

Album: n/a

Year: 2006

Previous: #13

Let me teach you a little something about depression, ain’t shit you could do to me I ain’t already thought about to myself

Joe gets personal on this record.

He raps about his most popular topic: depression. He mentions that everything people have said and wished upon him, don’t compare to the thoughts he’s had about him. He’s thought of worse things to do to himself than anyone could imagine. You might want to shoot and kill Joe, but in his mind, he’s killed himself in several different ways. If that isn’t a sign of how deep of a depression state Joe was, I don’t know what is.

Joe calls himself the voice of the voiceless.

He says, “fuck the sales,” he’s bringing his fans/listeners some hope. He’s here to help those kids who are going through difficult circumstances, much like he did in his transition from adolescent to a grown man. Although the rapper and listeners have yet to meet, he’s providing a sense of comfort by putting his life out in the open for those struggling to relate.


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