Best of Joe Budden v.2: #21 Walk With Me


Song: Walk With Me

Album: Joe Budden

Year: 2003

Previous: #16

See, some snake n—–, me and them don’t deal anymore, ever since I got signed I don’t know what’s real anymore, I’m paranoid so excuse me if I seem to be nervous, but everybody from my past now they trying to resurface

Joe invites the listener to join him in a walk through life.

In the first verse, he breaks it down for us, rapping about everyone around him. He wonders if his friends are really his friends or are they using him to better themselves. Are those friends genuinely therefor him and care for him? Or do they see Joe as step into a fame and wealth filled life? Are they loyal to Joe? Will they be there once he stops being relevant? These thoughts develop in his head and he can’t help but ponder them.

His friends aren’t the only ones he questions. Random “family members” start showing up, asking for something. These “family members” see an opportunity to better their own lives through association and they take it and run with it.

Besides those relatives that come out the woodworks, people from his old neighborhood are reaching out to him. They see that he’s made it, so they think they can just go up to him and ask for favors and a helping hand. On the flipside, there are people in his old ‘hood that see him and don’t like the way he’s repping the city. Because of his fame, some people in the ‘hood will mess with him. Some might try to kill him for something as simple as recognition.

Meanwhile, he questioned his girlfriend too. Does she also have ulterior motives? Is she with Joe because he’s famous and better off? Or does she truly care about him? I’m not sure if the girlfriend in the verse is his baby mother Angie, but both get mentioned. He questions Angie’s motives too. Did she plan to get pregnant by Joe as a way to a steady life? Did she see dollar signs in Joe’s eyes? Did she want to trap him with a pregnancy?

Who really knows?

Joe’s mind is crazy.

I mean we all had similar thoughts. We often question the motives of the people that come into our lives but to put it all out there, in something as public as a song is something else. This type of issue doesn’t come across too often but now that Joe has fame and money, it comes across more than enough.


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