Best of Joe Budden v.2: #19 Momma Said


Song: Momma Said

Album: A Loose Quarter

Year: 2012

Previous: not ranked

We adore each other, but ignore each other, think this is how the fuck I want to act with you?

This song is in the form of a conversation between Joe and his mother.

They discuss the currently state of Joe’s life.

She senses that something is wrong with Joe. She reminds him that he can confide in her, he can tell her anything. He can be honest with her.

They begin talking and she tells him that he isn’t the same person. He’s associating with the wrong crowd. And those associates are living off him and with him at his home. They don’t help out financially or in other ways, which Joe objects and fires back telling her he needs them.

She continues and asks if he’s spoken to his father. Joe quickly asks her why since he only cares about himself. His father only comes around when he wants something whether that is baseball tickets, to play spades or use Joe’s house for a party. Besides, Joe knows they would just bump heads.

The conversation moves onto his then-girlfriend Kaylin Garcia. Joe updates his mother on their relationship and mentions he took her to the doctor, which causes some concern. His mother questions the reasoning behind the doctor visit, asking if Kaylin was pregnant. She wasn’t. Joe almost flipped because he thought his mother disapproves his relationship with Kaylin.

She likes Kaylin but thinks she is too young to be responsible for another life.

All these issues lead to stress. He breaks down and realizes a bunch of people rely on him. From his father to his friends, if its not one thing they want it’s another. For this reason, he takes Percocets to deal with the pain. The pain that comes from stressing over things including the feeling this conversation with his mother gives him. It’s like his mother is talking down to him, telling him everything he is doing is inappropriate.

The conversation takes a turn and she asks why he’s never satisfied being single. It seems like he’s always with a beautiful woman. This leads to his mother telling Joe that Tahiry called. This would be shocking but Joe says they have a relationship and speak frequently. That fact is crazy. It’s like Joe and Tahiry are meant to be. Although the avoid each other, they still appear one war or another in each other’s life.


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