Best of Joe Budden v.2: #18 Three Sides To A Story


Song: Three Sides To A Story

Album: Mood Muzik 2

Year: 2005

Previous: #12

Past endeavors wont allow me to get work forced me to get work, on apps they ask if you ever been to jail, like if I say yes you’ll hire me, n—- don’t lie to me

Budden creates a superior storytelling song through the eyes of three characters: Sally, Derrick and Bo before switching over and narrating the unexpected ending.

Without giving away the ending, here’s a synopsis.

Both Sally and Derrick are Pam’s children. Derrick’s and Sally’s father passed away and Pam found someone else, Bo.

Derrick is fresh out of prison—we aren’t told for what exactly until later. He returns to a different home. His mom remarried and his sister is on her way to womanhood. She’s sixteen years old. He’s concern for her and knows boys and some guys will try to take advantage of her.

His life after prison hasn’t been easy, he’s having a difficult time adjusting. Employers aren’t willing to help him out and offer a job. The family needs money to stay afloat especially since Bo isn’t providing like he could. His struggle finding a steady job has him going back to his old life of drug dealing and crime.

Sally is on the verge of becoming a woman. She’s unhappy. Her brother is in prison, her father is dead, and her mother found someone else who is secretly evil. She confesses that Bo has raped her multiple times. Her scars and bruises are visible but her mother ignores them. She mentions that her mother is only with Bo because of their money situation. Sally is afraid of telling her mother because that would cause more problems. She gets pregnant.

She continues and hits us with a combo of confessions. Sally wishes she could tell Derrick the truth. She wishes she could tell her brother that Bo is responsible for her pregnancy and his arrest.

Bo let us know that his son was killed and Derrick was behind it. Bo planned his revenge. First, he went on manhunt to kill Pam’s husband. He continues his revenge plan by getting with Pam and molesting and raping Sally. Finally, he mentions that Derrick is next, implying that he’s going to kill him.

The ending is something out of a movie. I don’t want to say anything else. You have to listen to it.

Budden does a good job of building the story by sharing the perspectives of the three characters before hitting us with an unexpected ending. It’s such a dope song, different but dope.


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