Best of Joe Budden v.2: #17 Rest In Peace


Song: Rest in Peace

Album: Mood Muzik

Year: 2004

Previous: #14

You can throw away the gift of life, n—- you take it or leave it, n—- play it to keep it, n—- safe retreated, ‘cause if the Lord come take it you heed it

Joe’s unafraid to talk about death.

He mentions his fallen brothers/soldiers/friends before sharing an unbelievable story about his Uncle Mike.

First, he talks about his falling friends. He says that the mourning is a torture. Seeing a friend of yours die is indescribable, I could only imagine what that would seem like, and I bet its only a fraction of reality. Although they are gone, Budden sees some positive, at least they won’t have to struggle in life and aren’t stuck living in the ‘hood.

Joe reflects on his own death.

He knows that there are a few people who don’t like him including an old-friend-turned-drug-addict. The latter might rob and kill Joe in order to feed his habit. The former might just do it just because of their hatred for Joe. But Joe tells us that he won’t just let it happen. Worst comes, he’ll kill someone in order to protect himself. However, he knows if that does happen, he’ll be responsible for the mourning others will go through, irony.

Finally, Joe mentions his Uncle Mike.

This story is unbelievable, if true. Mike was an addict. Eventually, he would develop a type of cancer. The doctor said he only had a short time before he ultimately passed. It hit Joe’s dad hard. He started playing a gospel song every morning, hoping something would be discovered that could help Mike.

Mike stopped getting high and a medicine was found that could help extend his life. Fast-forward a few years later and Uncle Mike is still here. However, he couldn’t contain himself and fell victim to the drug again. He starts stealing and wasting his entire check on his habit. The cancer returns to his lungs. That’s all we get for Uncle Mike, Joe doesn’t mention what happen next. One could only speculate.

It’s such an amazing song, and one of my personal favorites from him.

Rest in peace to all those loved ones. As a matter of fact, rest in peace to everyone.


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