Best of Joe Budden v.2: #16 Calm Down


Song: Calm Down

Album: Joe Budden

Year: 2003

Previous: #11

Listen, ain’t shit like seeing you moms crying on the floor, knowing you the reason why she ain’t alright no more

This is one of my favorite songs by him. It’s so dope, so personal.

Joe dedicates it to his mother, who through all his trials and tribulations was there for him.

At first, he was quick to blame his mother for his issues. He mentioned that he wouldn’t have been an addict if it weren’t for her and his father. They were addicts. He was bound to become an addict as well. It was in his genes.

She was there for him, to hear him out, to talk to him whenever he needed it. She was there during his lows including the time his baby mother stabbed him. Angie and Joe got into a heated argument, which lead to Angie stabbing Joe. She ended up in jail and Joe went to the hospital. When Joe got there, his mother was there.

She was also there during his addict days. She begged and fought with Joe day-in and day-out hoping he would seek help. Joe mentioned a time when she carried a knife and chased him around the house, plus the time when he physically hurt her. She relentlessly tried to help him, she was seeing her son turning into his father, a person she hated.

She never gave up.

She would pray for him, hoping he would better himself. Eventually, something clicked in Joe’s mind and he sought help. He became sober. His mother’s prayers were answer, and she finally got her son.

In my eyes, this song is beautiful. It’s very, very personal. He might have opened up a bit too much, but that’s okay. In the end, he created a masterpiece.


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