Best of Joe Budden: v.2 #15 Unforgiven


Song: Unforgiven/Un4given

Album: Mood Muzik 3: The Album

Year: 2007

Previous: #10

Let’s talk about the struggle, let’s talk about the pain, some people say they love you, but that don’t mean a thing, some folks is so naïve, not me I go insane, some people dap you, they hug you, they do it all in vain, that’s my depression talking, maybe it’s really real, maybe them doctors was right, and maybe I’m really ill

Budden speaks that shit on here.

He touches on multiple subjects, and just raps.

A few of his most frequent subjects appear on the track. He talks about his past drug addiction and his depression.

He mentions that he used to deal drugs, however, instead of selling it, he was getting high off his own supply, often mixing it with his “favorite” drug, PCP.

You hear Budden speak on depression on a lot of his songs. Here, he states that the doctors once diagnosed his depression as an illness, which he thought wasn’t “real.” Boy, was he wrong.

In the second verse, he mentions some of the symptoms related to his depression. He considers himself his own worst enemy. He feels alone, and that the world is against him. He doesn’t have any faith in people. He notices that people are quick to judge him because of his past especially when he needs them, their trust.

As Budden continues explaining how he feels about things, he pauses and makes sure the listeners are still with him. He ends up calling himself delusional, and reminds us that if you haven’t felt like he has, you have no indication of what’s occurring in his mind.

Although he mentions his issues, he hit us with some motivation at the end of the first verse. Although the deck is stacked against most of us, we can still make something out of ourselves. He’s a living example of it. He made something out of his dream. So, he let’s everyone know—his doubters too—they can achieve anything.


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