Champions League Semi-Finals


We’re down to the final four.

One semi-final easily overshadows the other.

Barcelona and Bayern Munich. Pep against his former club.

Messi. Neymar. Suarez. Iniesta. Pique. Gotze. Neuer. Lewandowski. Lahm. Muller.

And’s that not mentioning the other players like Xavi, Ribery and Robben, who might sit out.

This matchup is a dream scenario.

You have arguably the two top teams in the world, at worst, two of the four best. Stars everywhere like I mentioned. There are winners of the pervious two World Cups on both sides.

I cannot wait.

The fight for possession will be interesting because both of these teams want to control the game. We’ll see who controls the midfield. Also, the counter attacking from both sides will be good. I can picture Messi winning the ball and pushing it upfield, juking players left and right. Or the connection and creativity between the Bayern players as work the field.

Although I’m biased towards Barcelona, this will be the team’s biggest test so far. Yeah, they played Real Madrid twice, but I believe Bayern is better. Their bench is deep. I still haven’t mentioned Thiago, Alonso, Alaba, Bernat, Boateng, Rode, Schweinsteiger, Dante, Javi, etc.

It will be tough, but I see the line consisting of Suarez, Messi and Neymar clicking together and getting the better of the world’s best keeper. In the end, I have Barcelona advancing by a slight margin. I see Barcelona winning the first leg at home 3-1 and then I see them struggling in Munich but scoring a goal in the process to advance.

That could be my bias speaking, I could be totally wrong and Bayern could destroy Barcelona like they did a couple years ago.

As for the other matchup, I see Real Madrid beating Juventus, advancing on a 4-1 aggregate score.

Who knows what’s going to happen. We can only predict and assume. Anything can happen, that’s why they play the game.


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