Best of Joe Budden v.2: #14 Long Way To Go


Song: Long Way to Go

Album: Mood Muzik 3

Year: 2007

Previous: #7

The pressure either bust pipes or it make diamonds, no matter how high up the mountain, I stay climbing, freedom I keep chancing, so if I fall like Beyonce, I just get back up and keep dancing

This song is amazing. From the break between the verses to the shot he took at Jay Z, the song is great.

Budden message is clear; when things get difficult, don’t give up. Although the path may seem long, taking it will eventually lead to success. The little victories here and there will lead to the gran finale were you’ll overcome whatever issue(s) you’re dealing with.

He’s dealt with depression and drug addiction for most of his life. The fight against both is non-stop. It’s constant, and a difficult one. The only ones who really know how tough the task is are those who’ve been through them.

Joe’s path to sobriety and happiness has been rocky. The temptation to not be sober is everywhere. It’s with his friends, it’s on television, it’s in rap, hell, it’s in our society. Staying sober is one of the toughest things in the world. Joe’s been that drug addict everyone knows, you know the junkie. He’s better his life through hip-hop but the fight remains. He tries his best to not give in. He ended up relapsing in 2012.

People should look at this song as motivation. That’s what I do. I see Joe’s music as inspiration and motivation. They should not give up. No one ever said reaching a goal was easy; neither is dealing with a problem. If getting healthy, sober or getting out of a depression state were easy, we would have a population without problems. Rehab centers would be nonexistent.

But it’s not.

If you are ever on the road to recovery and think it’s pointless or want to give up because you’re not seeing quick results, please don’t. The road is a long one. Although it will come along as tedious and time consuming, it will get better. Your family and friends care, if they don’t show it, just remember I care.


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