Best of Joe Budden v.2: #12 Ordinary Love Shit Part 3


Song: Ordinary Love Shit Part 3

Album: n/a

Year: 2011

Previous: #8

So you try to and take something for pain, it don’t work, you still feeling all the novocaine don’t work

Joe wrote a love song.

Well, at least the first two were, the third installment dealt with the messy, publicize breakup between Esther Baxter and Joe. I still remember when he tweeted he was working on “a love song.” I didn’t know what to think.

This song summarizes everything that happened with Esther. And it details the events that lead to their breakup. Plus, it provided Joe with closure.

Joe wanted Esther to do something with her life. He saw that she enjoyed the lifestyle he was able to provide her. He felt that he was bringing a lot more to the relationship than she was. It seemed like she wanted to be a trophy wife.

They would constantly argue. At times, it got physical. She called the police, who arrested Joe. He posted bail and ask Tahiry if he could stay there since Esther was given control of the house by a judge.

They decided to take a “break.”

Two weeks after that, he tried to reached her while she was in L.A. on “business.” Eventually, Joe found out she was in L.A. visiting NFL running back Derrick Ward. He put the pieces together and realized Esther had been seeing and sleeping with Ward.

In response, Joe began seeing other woman, creating his home movies with them, thinking it would make Esther feel some sort of way.

Other things he mentioned in the song included some very personal revelations.

He revealed that Esther had not one, but two miscarriages, I believe. The second time she blamed Joe for killing their child. This led to Esther posting a disturbing image on Twitter. I still can’t get that image out of my mind. Soon, the debate would begin on who was telling the truth.

It’s interesting and crazy that Budden thought he needed to publicly say what occurred in his personal, private life. He felt he did, and boy was there a reaction to this song.


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