Best of Joe Budden v.2: #11 Pain Won’t Stop


Song: Pain Won’t Stop

Album: A Loose Quarter

Year: 2012

Previous: not ranked

But how could you ever claim to love someone then wish them the worst?

The pain won’t stop. Pain is a constant thing in Joe’s life.

You’d think with everything Joe has been through (past relationships, depression, drug addiction) that he’d steer away from pain but it’s more like pain seeks him. He thought his pain was gone, but it comes coming back in different forms.

Joe is honest, he tells his fans everything. This includes telling his fans exactly what they need to hear. Joe’s fans are spoiled. They have received a big catalog of music since his arrival. He’s told us his life.

His fans love the music he makes. Some of his best music is when he is in pain or depressed or when he just got out of a relationship. Albeit mostly true, he did release some dope shit while with Tahiry and Kaylin. Plus, you saw the results post-Esther.

We love Joe. So, its funny when his fans say they want him out of relationships. It’s wrong but when Joe’s miserable, its beneficial for us because we get great music but at a cost.

I’m not afraid to admit it, but Joe is at his best when he is sad, angry, depressed. So, when he is dealing with something I know the fans are in for some dope music. I’m not one of those fans that want to see him unhappy just so he can make that type of music, I’m one of those fans than can appreciate the music he makes when he is depressed as well as when he loves life.

He was hurt when he thought two of his former friends were indeed that, friends. Raqi and Steve were friends of Joe but something happen and the friendships ended. This was back in the summer of 2012, remember, that was around the time Joe relapsed.

Steve was a fan, who befriended Joe, but always acted as a fan rather than a friend who cared about Joe. I’m sure what exactly happen between Joe and Raqi. She made some claims. Later, Joe and Raqi both appeared on the third season of Love & Hip Hop, along with Kaylin and Tahiry. There, we saw that Joe didn’t want anything to do with her.


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