Best of Joe Budden v.2: #10 Off To The Races


Song: Off 2 The Races

Album: A Loose Quarter

Year: 2012

Previous: not ranked

We both sympathized, that pain is felt and shared, to watch a man that you helped better display it elsewhere, watch a man you spent years with, grew with, come across as someone that you want nothing to do with

Joe’s relationship with Tahiry has had many ups and downs, with the majority being downs.

They cannot live their lives without someone mentioned the other to them. Tahiry will never be able to be somewhere “hosting” or at a modeling gig without someone saying Joe’s name. Joe will never be able to forget Tahiry especially with Twitter around and with his outspoken fans.

Like Joe says in the song, “How can you get over us? The public won’t even let you.”

Much like he did with the Esther breakup, Joe decided to talk about the on and off relationship/friendship with Tahiry in a song.

In the song, Joe says he can be Tahiry’s friend, a close friend, but he cannot be her boyfriend. They tried multiple times to rekindle their relationship but it failed every time. He details each one’s actions post-breakup. She moved on, and he moved on.

Also, Joe can’t be her boyfriend because he found someone else. He found someone that won’t treat him as bad. Meanwhile, Tahiry found herself someone too.

When she left him, Joe begged her to stay. It didn’t work. Eventually, Joe found an “angel” while Tahiry’s relationship went sour.

She thought she would find happiness once she left Joe. She tried seeking it but was unable to find it. Joe was able to find his happiness, in the form of Kaylin. Everything she wanted in a relationship, Joe experienced it with Kaylin. It’s ironic because she left Joe seeking that, leaving him in a bad place, but he’s the one who enjoying life.

Overall, their friendship/relationship is messy. They tried to make things work but it didn’t work. As far as whose fault it is, that depends on which side you ask.

After this song came out, they tried to give it one last shot—on public television, of all places. They were doing fine. Eventually, Joe felt strong enough for Tahiry that he set up an elaborate proposal in NYC Times Square. He got on one knee but Tahiry turned him down.


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